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The Joint Tenancy Deed

Image by Colin Lloyd

There are a number of laws that govern joint ownership or joint tenancy of any property and these have a lot to do with the circumstances of any such contract.

This is a law that was inherited from the British law and continues till date. There are certain rights and privileges that joint tenants enjoy that makes this one of the best options that is available.

There are differences in a joint tenancy and a title in common; one of those major differences is that a joint tenancy transfers title upon the death of any of the joint owners automatically upon death. This is a good option, for those who are interested in transferring the rights of their home or the property to a spouse or other partners.

A will or other form of legal document cannot over rule the binding laws that govern the joint tenancy of a property. When one of the owners of the property dies the remaining share of the deceased is automatically transferred to the remaining parties. This ensures that the remaining owner gets the entire share of the deceased.

When the property has only one owner he or she can make a will in regards to the further allocation of the property after their death. However this is only applicable in the case of the last owner of the property when there is no longer a joint title in place.

A joint ownership can be between two or more people, who have agreed to share the ownership of a piece of real estate based on the requirements of the home owners. The legal procedure regarding the death of a tenant is processed based on a death certificate and also an affidavit based on the facts.

There are a lot of other advantages that are also associated with joint tenancy of a property. One of those is that the survivor does not need to go through court proceedings and other expensive time consuming processes to transfer the property into their names.

Advantages such as this make this the perfect option for those that are interested in owning a home together for the rest of their lives, and for those who would wish for their heirs to automatically inherit their shares without much trouble. For more information regarding joint tenancy of a property it would be advisable to check the website of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates.

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